With TikTok Jump, video artists can add “mini-apps” to their videos


If you’ve been anywhere on the app, you’ll know that TikTok is more than just viral dance challenges or crazy antics. There, too, a lot of learning and education takes place, from trying out recipes to learning mathematics to clearing up misinformation and misunderstandings. But of course, sometimes microvideo can not be enough. TikTok is now bringing something new called Jumps, which allows YouTubers to add even more “interesting and informative content” to their videos via these “mini-apps”.

How these TikTok jumps work is pretty simple. For example, you’re watching an informative TikTok video about dinosaurs but want to learn more and also review some information. You’ll see a link to a TikTok jump from Wikipedia for additional background details. Or, if you want to watch a recipe video and learn how to make it yourself, tap Jump to Whisk which will give you the ingredients, instructions, etc.

TikTok works with multiple content providers like Whisk, Breathwrk, Wikipedia, Quizlet, StatMuse, and Tabelog to create these jump mini apps. In the next few weeks they will also be adding a few more partners such as BuzzFeed, Jumprope, IRL and WATCHA. From the short video demo of adding a link, it seems pretty straightforward, so TikTok creators shouldn’t have any trouble adjusting to it.

Snapchat also previously launched something similar called Snap Minis, making use of HTML5 apps to provide more information to users who want to learn more about the video they are watching. The TikTok Jump Mini-Apps are also created in HTML 5. You can also create interactive jumps like quizzes and even functional ones like reserving a table in a featured restaurant.

TikTok is now accepting pre-requests for those interested in creating these jump apps, from both the creators and the content providers. We should see jump links on the platform soon.


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