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Despite the popularity of Marvel’s Spider-Man, The console exclusivity of the titles severely constrained audiences and the gameplay did not escape the shadow of the Batman Arkham Series. Marvels Wolverine’s has obvious PlayStation 5 exclusivity, but there are plenty of things the game can do to make Marvel’s games stand out from the rest Batman Arkham. Early insights into Marvel’s Wolverine shown on the PlayStation 2021 Showcase suggest similarities between the two. However, the lack of a definitive release date suggests that the game is still in the early stages of development. These stages in the life of the game could determine whether wolverine becomes a clone of Batman or Spider Man, or separates itself and other Marvel titles from the expectations and formulaic drawbacks of the genre.

Insomniac Games has some details on its Marvel’s Wolverine Project. the wolverine The reveal trailer hid lots of Easter eggs that give clues about the game’s story, setting, and characters. To like Batman and Spider Man, Marvel’s Wolverine can occupy urban landscapes. More accurate, Marvel’s Wolverine will likely take place in Madripoor, a city center known for its criminal activities. Other Easter eggs suggest the incredible Hulk might appear, and Insomniac Games was recently confirmed Spider Man and wolverine occupy the same universe.

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Marvel’s Wolverine has the chance to put Marvel’s single player games in a unique position in the genre. Instead of different systems of Batman and Spider-Man, Marvel’s Wolverine could include unique gameplay and character development. Wolverine is a very different character from Batman and Spider-Man, who comes from a darker life and follows a morally ambiguous lifestyle. If Insomniac Games continues to ignore Marvel’s films wolverine, then the game could take on more anti-hero qualities that would enhance storytelling and secure the identity of Marvel games outside of the intimidating shadow of the world Batman Arkham Series.

Marvel’s Wolverine doesn’t need verticality from Spider-Man and Batman

Marvel's Wolverine must feel so much different from Spider-Man

A common feature in Spider Man and the Batman Arkham Series is the emphasis on vertical traversal. Batman’s grappling hook and cloak allow players to travel Gotham efficiently and regularly use sliding mechanics to launch air strikes. Likewise, Spider-Man uses his web shooter to swing through New York and defeat his enemies. Both heroes use verticality in their attacks and often attack their enemies from above during combat. However, Wolverine should fight thugs and thugs face-to-face without using fancy equipment. This would also accentuate Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws in combat, arguably the greatest highlight of the hero’s powers. By avoiding acrobatics, Wolverine takes on a dirtier, less fancy form of combat.

Marvel’s Wolverine needs more deadly power than Batman

Marvel Wolverine PS5 Exclusive

Unlike Batman, who refuses to kill his enemies, and Spider-Man, who shares a similar mindset, Wolverine has no qualms about killing. Despite the severity of some of the attacks in Spider Man and Batman Arkham, none of the characters has canonically killed any opponents. Marvels Wolverine’s Bar fighting showed many opponents in questionable conditions, but Insomniac Games was supposed to allow Logan to kill his enemies. Not only is Madripoor full of unsavory, violent individuals, but Logan shows no reluctance to fight either. In both the comics and the movies, the Wolverine is capable of intense acts of violence and should kill its enemies in the game.

Marvel’s Wolverine could be a more mature superhero game

Anyway, Marvel's Wolverine game could pair with Spider-Man 2 Wolverine

Spider-Man is an understandably kid-friendly hero who lives up to his nickname “friendly neighborhood”. The opposite is the case Batman Arkham Series embraced a darker narrative appropriate to the DC Universe. Batman regularly faces psychopaths who are not afraid to torture and kill innocent people in order to lure out their archenemy. However, regardless of the situations Spider-Man and Batman faced in their respective universes, their language has often been overly censored. There was little to no swearing to reflect the severity of the various conditions, and injuries that would realistically cause crippling pain caused nothing but grunts.

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Marvel’s Wolverine takes aspects of Logan Howlett’s character like swearing, smoking and a violent temperament to match the dangerous areas of Madripoor where the game could take place. These character traits are often viewed as undesirable, especially with someone who is supposed to be a hero. However, Marvels Wolverine’s Mature Ton could use this to his advantage by highlighting some of Logan’s many flaws. Not like Captain America or Professor X, the Wolverine represents the dark side of a cruel, unforgiving world.

Marvel’s Wolverine could contain a superhero team

US agent Avengers X-Men team up with Marvel Comics

One of Marvel’s biggest teams is the X-Men, of which Wolverine was once a prominent member. Spider-Man and Batman are on superhero teams, but neither the Avengers nor the Justice League have been mentioned in either game. References to the Justice League have surfaced across Gotham, such as Queen Industries shipping crates and various voicemails left by Lex Luthor. Likewise, the Avengers Tower is in Spider-Man: Miles Morales next to some goods, but the team never shows up. Marvel’s Wolverine could break this trend and open up the world beyond his gameplay by implementing appearances or direct interactions between Logan and the X-Men. Characters like Professor X and Hank McCoy have often reigned in Logan’s temperament and could serve as anchors if Wolverine gets too bloodthirsty.

Marvel’s Wolverine should allow more character customization than Batman Arkham

Wolverine wields his adamantium claws in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Like most cartoon characters, Wolverine has made various appearances over the course of his career. Players could collect unique appearances in Spider Man according to milestones in the campaign or finding various landmarks. In Batman Arkham Knight, Players were able to unlock a collection of bat suits to wear while fighting crime on the streets of Gotham. Unfortunately, these changes to the appearance were limited and couldn’t allow players to make the characters their own. Marvel’s Wolverine could introduce a similar adjustment system to Red Dead Redemption 2where the character’s looks and outfits are different between playthroughs to make the storytelling unique.

Given the diverse markets of Madripoor, Marvel’s Wolverine could easily give players access to a hairdresser, tattoo parlor, and armor dealer where players can customize Wolverine’s facial hair, hairstyle, outfit, and markings. Customizing fans via their Wolverine could also increase the immersion, as customizations can occur during in-game cutscenes. Compared to other heroes, Wolverine has always taken on a rougher look. Including the Madripoor theme as less of a polished lifestyle would further cement Wolverine’s presence in the city and allow the character to better blend in with the overall aesthetic of the game.

Despite the success of the Batman Arkham Series, Marvel’s games must stand out from its shadow. Games with insomnia Spider Man built a new Marvel Universe, but couldn’t deviate from the overall impression of Batman Games. Marvel’s Wolverine has to take into account the unique gameplay and darker aspects of Logan Howlett’s character to give the game its own identity. To set oneself apart Batman Arkhams impression and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine can bet Marvel’s Wolverine apart from other single player superhero games.

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