Xbox Series X UK Inventory – Live: January 2022 stocks up news from Game, Currys, Smyths and more


<p>More consoles are expected at UK retailers this week </p>

More consoles are expected at UK retailers this week

(The Independent)

Update: The Xbox Series X is in stock at EE, as well as Smyths toys and Asda via Xbox All Access. Read on for more details.

The Xbox Series X is now over a year old, but a global component shortage, global chip shortage, and supply chain bottlenecks have resulted in Microsoft’s next-generation console consistently selling out since it launched in Fall 2020.

In December, many UK retailers released thousands of in-stock consoles to cheering Christmas shoppers, including Very, Smyths Toys, Game, Argos, Asda and Amazon, all of whom were selling the Xbox Series X. But after the holidays, the console is sold out again at most retailers.

When new consoles appear, it usually happens without warning and sells out within minutes as quick-fingered customers grab the available units as soon as they arrive. That’s why we’ve launched our Xbox Series X inventory tracking live blog where we track every UK retailer at the same time to give you instant inventory alerts. That way, you have a good chance of picking up a console before it sells out again.

We’ll also give you tips and advice on how to beat the crowds to buy an Xbox Series X, including what websites to look out for, where the Xbox might be restocked next, and how to register your interest in new consoles, before they go on sale.

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Which UK retailers carry the Xbox Series X?


Goodbye Xbox Hunters

That’s it for us tonight, folks. We hope you have secured one of the coveted consoles and enjoyed our ongoing coverage of the latest news and information. We’ll be back next week doing what we do best but have a nice weekend until then. Good night!

Eva Waite-TaylorJanuary 7, 2022 4:59 pm


Can you buy the Xbox Series X from CEX?

(The Independent)

We do not track the availability of the Xbox Series X on auction sites or in second-hand electronics stores.

Since its release in 2020, both the PlayStation and Xbox have been the focus of Scalper – professional resellers who use automated bots to buy up all available stocks before anyone else, only to resell the console at inflated prices to any buyer willing to pay over the quotas. The gap between supply and demand means that CEX is currently selling used Xbox consoles for more than they cost brand new.

It’s up to you whether you want to buy the Xbox from a reseller, but buying a console this way will encourage more scalping, prolong the Xbox shortage, and drive up the console’s price for legitimate buyers. We will not participate in this seedy hand luggage.

Eva Waite-TaylorJanuary 7, 2022 4:56 pm


Games coming to Xbox Game Pass this month

A Game Pass Ultimate membership, a Netflix-style games-on-demand service, gives you free access to 100+ premium games, including Halo infinite, Minecraft, Forza Horizon 5 and many others.

Here is the full list of games coming to Game Pass over the next few weeks:

  • Gorogoa – January 4th
  • Oliga – January 4th
  • The pedestrian – January 4th
  • Embryo – 6th January
  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition – 6th January
  • Outer wilderness – 6th January
  • Spelunky 2 – 13th January
  • The Anacrusis (Preview) – 13th January

Eva Waite-TaylorJanuary 7, 2022 4:07 pm


How to find the Nintendo Switch OLED

The redesigned Nintendo Switch OLED was launched in October and features a vastly improved display that makes Nintendo’s explosive colorful games look better than ever.

Eva Waite-TaylorJanuary 7, 2022 3:07 PM


What’s the best VPN for Xbox?

A virtual private network can trick websites and streaming platforms into thinking that you are signing up from a country of your choice, which means you can access TV shows and movies that are normally not available in your area. They’re also useful for hiding your browsing habits from your ISP or operator so you can bypass firewalls, censorship, and other restrictions.

You might think this doesn’t matter much for the Xbox X Series, but with the plethora of streaming apps available on the computer, getting a VPN that will work well with the console is worth considering. You can’t install a VPN directly on an Xbox Series X, but you can install one on your laptop and route your console’s internet connection through it. You can also install some VPNs on routers to cover all of your devices at once.

A slow VPN will really affect your ping when playing online. So, to keep your Xbox Series X running at its peak, make sure that the VPN you choose is fast and responsive enough to avoid delays and dropouts when playing online. Check out our guide to the best VPNs for torrenting, streaming, and gaming:

The best VPN for every device type

The best VPN services on your iPhone, Firestick, Android and more in the UK for Netflix and streaming including ProtonVPN, ExpressVPN, NordVPN and CyberGhost

Eva Waite-TaylorJanuary 7, 2022 2:07 p.m.


Check out our guide to January sales

If the first week of January brings some serious post-Christmas blues, then surely the only way to beat it is with some retail therapy.

If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at our guide to the best deals on the January sale. While we wait for more Xbox Series X inventory, you can browse discounts on everything from the latest Apple gear and OLED TVs to mattresses and the neat cordless vacuums that are getting right under the sofa.

We’ll update our guide live with new offers as soon as they are published. So join:

Eva Waite-TaylorJanuary 7, 2022 1:07 pm


The best upcoming Xbox Series X games in 2022

Let’s pause our inventory tracking efforts for a moment to look into the future and look at just a few of the Xbox Series X games that are coming out later this year and worth your attention. You can pre-order them here:

Star field is a special highlight. Bethesda’s first original RPG in 25 years is hailed as “Skyrim in space ”and – after Microsoft took over the studio as part of a $ 7.5 billion deal – it will be available exclusively for PC and Xbox when it hits the market in November.

Eva Waite-TaylorJanuary 7, 2022 12:07 PM


Would you like an Xbox Series X controller? Make it this one

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2: £ 159.99,


Compared to its predecessor, the Elite controller offers a number of additional features with which you can play like an absolute professional – and who doesn’t want that?

As the most advanced controller, it is designed to improve your aiming and shoot faster. It can also be customized to suit your preferred style of play with the new interchangeable thumbstick and paddle shapes. With exclusive button mapping options in the Xbox Accessories app so you can perform like never before.

Eva Waite-TaylorJanuary 7, 2022 11:47 am


When was the last time the Microsoft Store had Xbox warehouses?

(The Independent)

You’d think the official Xbox Store would be swimming in consoles, but the retailer, like everyone else, has to fight for the console in the mud.

The online-only-shop last had the Xbox Series X in stock on December 21st and before that on December 17th, when orders for the limited edition were reopened Halo infinite Xbox package.

Eva Waite-TaylorJanuary 7, 2022 11:27 AM


You can play Xbox Series X games anywhere

Don’t have an Xbox Series X yet? Well, you can still play Xbox Series X games. Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can now play a selection of Xbox titles on their PC, phone or laptop via Microsoft’s cloud streaming service.

The game’s visuals are streamed over the internet almost instantly, so you don’t need a gaming PC, just a fast enough connection. Xbox Cloud Gaming streams games from Microsoft’s servers to a range of compatible devices, including previous generation Xbox consoles. Cloud gaming requires a membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (£ 32.99,, which unlocks on-demand access to 100+ games.

Eva Waite-TaylorJanuary 7, 2022 11:07 AM

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