You can now pay for apps with your Google Play points


There are multiple ways to pay for apps and items on the Google Play Store, and Google just added another one. According to 9To5Google, Google now lets you use your Play Points to pay for in-store items.

Google launched its Google Play Points back in 2019, serving as an incentive to play more games (and spend more money). You earn points when you shop on the Play Store and at various events. This is how Google rewards you for using its services more often.

You can now pay for apps and items with your Play Points

If you want to use your Play Points wisely, you need to add a certain amount and redeem them as a gift card. It’s like most services where you earn points by watching ads and taking surveys. It works, but people wanted a more direct way to redeem their points.

Enter Google with its new change. Instead of converting your play points into a gift card, you can now pay for items with the points themselves. This eliminates an intermediate step and you can use them if you don’t have enough for a gift card. For many, this should be a much more convenient way to use them. And it should save time as you don’t have to worry about that extra step.

How does this system work?

With this system you can pay for an item immediately if you have enough points. But what if you don’t have enough points? That’s the beauty of this system. If you don’t have enough points to buy it, you can still use them to deduct money from the final price.

One dollar is deducted from the price for every 100 points you use. This is great because many in-app purchases are only $0.99. One thing people might worry about is the fact that hardly any purchases are exact dollar amounts. Most of them are a dime under ($0.99 versus $1). That’s fine, if the item costs $4.99, for example, you’ll pay 499 points instead of 500.


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