You can now play mobile RPG Epic Seven anywhere via the cloud and Facebook Gaming


Epic Seven is now available on Facebook Gaming. This means that you can play Smilegate Megaport’s popular and highly acclaimed role-playing game from the comfort of your internet browser, without taking up any storage space on your device or installing any files.

The game is available in a variety of regions around the world, including North America. More regions will be added in the future.

For the uninitiated, Epic Seven is a visually stunning gacha RPG in which you must summon and level up heroes and face off against a variety of monsters, bosses and human opponents in a variety of single and multiplayer modes.

There are 16 powerful heroes to add to your collection, all impeccably designed and animated. It’s not uncommon for mobile RPGs to feature manga-quality graphics, but Epic Seven truly captures the look and feel of an authentic Japanese animated series.

But the beauty of Epic Seven isn’t just skin deep. It also features some of the richest and most tactically challenging combat in the genre, allowing you to make multiple moves at once, steal moves from your opponent, shuffle your attacks, and so on.

The choices available to you during battles depend on the decisions you make in your HQ.

Another nice feature of the game is that it eliminates the greatest scourge of the RPG genre: hard work. There are no boring tasks to complete in Epic Seven, so you can focus on honing your tactics and testing them on the battlefield.

Millions of gamers have already downloaded Epic Seven over the past four years – and now, thanks to the game’s arrival on Facebook Gaming, you’ll have even more human opponents to take on.

Click here to play Epic Seven on Facebook now.


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