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Genshin Impact‘s HoYoverse announced its new title, Zenless Zone Zero, on May 13, fueling speculation and excitement that has piqued the interest of gamers across social media. The teaser trailer was first seen on the HoYoLAB website and then posted to YouTube. While players, dubbed “Proxies” in the game, await the announcement of the release date, they can learn a bit about the game by watching the teaser trailer, reading cryptic tweets and posts, and browsing the game’s website.

In Zenless Zone Zero, a cataclysmic event called Sub-Hollow occurred in the city of New Eridu but is now under control. “Citizens” are reassured that the threat has been contained and they can enter the city safely. Entitled “Welcome to New Eridu – Where Mankind Re-Ascends!” the trailer for Zenless Zone Zero The description continues to reveal exciting news for gamers. Here not only the name of the city is revealed, but also the chance for players to qualify for the Zenless Zone Zero tuning test.


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Other distinguishing features of the teaser trailer are the urban art style and interesting characters. Even the electronic music conveys a futuristic vibe that excites the player and entices them to jump right in. The character design is a key element of what’s shown in the trailer, with cat ears, a tail and even the full Moe anthropomorphism of a possible bear – and cat-like characters prominently displayed, drawing thousands of comments and over 300,000 views in the short span of time , in which it was published on YouTube.

Zenless Zone Zero will have a closed beta “Tuning Test”.

Zenless Zone Zero Tuning Test Beta

There are at least two ways a player can enter this Zenless Zone Zero beta testing. One is via the game’s website, where interested players answer various questions about their interests, the platform they will be playing on and the specs of their preferred device. Once these questions are answered, they will be asked to provide an email address, verify it with a code, and agree to the terms.

The second way to get into the tuning test is to join the trailer discussion on the HoYoLAB website. From there, navigate to the Events tab and select it Zenless Zone Zero to view events for the game. Two events are available from Friday, May 13th. The First Trailer event is live and will end on May 23rd. 100 people will be selected from the entrants to receive either a Bangboo Pillow or a Tuning Test Qualification. The winners will be announced on Monday, March 30th.

Interested players can not only participate in the first event, there is also a second event taking place at the same time as the first. For this event, proxies must follow Type Ⅱ and respond to the post with their happiest moment. As with the first event, 100 people will be selected to receive Closed Beta Qualifications or 50 Character Stands. Remember that event time zones are UTC+8 and winners will be announced on the event website via notifications and encouraged to “pay attention”! when the 30th rolls. It is also recommended to read all rules for participation Zenless Zone Zero Events carefully to ensure a successful entry.

The story and universe of Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero Story Universe

During Zenless Zone Zero currently has no content roadmap like Genshin Impact, information about his universe continues to leak out. An article on HoYoLAB’s website confirms a supernatural theme and speaks more of the “hollows”. These supernatural in-game events snowball without warning, allowing dimensions to become tangled and strange and terrifying monsters to roam free.

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Over time, New Eridu, the last urban city to survive the apocalypse, drew most of the survivors to the thriving metropolis. New Eridu thrived on exploration of the hollows, and the city government devised a way to monetize the ever-growing phenomena. That Zenless Zone Zero The site initially teased very little, but now power struggles are being revealed between controlling corporations and other groups that benefited from the industrialization of the Hollows, including conspirators and fanatics also fighting for control. It’s unclear who these fanatics and conspirators are, but they will clearly play a significant role in the game’s plot.

What is striking about the game is that players will experience two realities that are opposed to each other. While the city appears peaceful and safe, players are aware of the distorted reality behind the facade. Players are referred to as “proxy” and have access to playable characters similar to Genshin Impact. Proxies help other characters from the game explore the hollows. Many wish to enter the hollows for their own ends, and proxies are crucial to achieving their goals. Players must not only guide their customers through this dangerous territory, but also protect them. As the player advances through the hollows, fighting battles and fulfilling the goals of those they lead, more of their story will be revealed.

Zenless Zone Zero will have multiple factions

Zenless Zone Zero Factions

Four factions have also been shared that players will be involved with. Only three of the four factions are named: Gentie-House, Belobos Industries, and Victoria House Keeping. It is the third faction that is currently unknown. Although only four factions will be revealed at this point, it’s possible there’s more to discover than HoYoverse’s Genshin Impact already had factions with goals that had been worked out in terms of content. Otherwise, little is shared, and it’s not clear if a player joins any of these Zenless Zone Zero Factions or how they would make a name for themselves with them if such a system existed. It is already known that players will encounter enemies and monsters called Ethereals in the Hollows. However, only two types of Ethereals have been revealed. No names are given to these two, but both feature angular bodies with a glowing green substance threaded through their forms. One has a handsome humanoid appearance and wields a shield and sword-like weapon, while the other has an intriguing bird’s gaze.

Zenless Zone Zero Evolving into an exciting action role-playing game from what has been revealed so far, it is expected to be available for PC, mobile and PlayStation. HoYoverse has delayed Genshin Impact 2.7 but continues to reveal bits and pieces about it Zenless Zone Zero to its eager audience, and anticipation grows for upcoming announcements.

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Source: HoYoLAB, HoYoverse.com, Zenless Zone Zero/YouTube

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